Chromadigm CHS High Performance TX


ATX’s Chromadigm transmitter is a revolutionary new product that allows transmission of up to 40 ITU-T wavelengths on a single fiber in the 1550nm (C-Band) window. Each wavelength can carry a full band 1 GHz spectrum of analog plus QAM. In addition, each wavelength is capable of carrying unique QAM loading. For bi-directional applications on single fiber, deployments can be up to 16 downstream wavelengths, along with up to 16 upstream wavelengths on a single fiber. With its attractive price point and scalability, the Chromadigm transmitter obsoletes the single wavelength transport to the node, allowing the recovery of a large number of dark fibers for business and other services, enabling optimum utilization of the existing network. Excellent CNR, CSO and CTB with unmatched immunity to wavelength drift and filter ripple make Chromadigm unique and significantly superior to other approaches.