CA-30/870AR: 870 MHz Bidirectional CATV Distribution Amplifier

The CA-30/870AR distribution amplifier is a high quality push-pull amplifier that produces signals with extremely low distortion and harmonic content. The forward bandwidth makes 135-channel operation possible, while the 2-way configuration allows the amplifier to be used in systems that utilize remote signal sources on the return path.


  • Forward path: 54 MHz to 870 MHz, channels: 2 to 135; Reverse path: 5 MHz to 42 MHz, channels T-8 to T-12
  • 30 dB gain for optimal carrier-to-noise ratio and superior picture quality
  • Employs state-of-the art hybrid push-pull technology for distortion-free audio and video quality
  • Adjustable slope and gain controls for easy system balancing
  • Easy-access controls and low loss (-20 dB) test point enable simplified set-up and performance monitoring
  • Shielded enclosure provides over 95 dB of RFI shielding performance, reducing leakage and ingress
  • Built-in lightning and line voltage surge protection protects the unit from damage