Q-Series 1-2RU RF Amplifiers

ATX offers a wide array of high density Q-Series 1RU and 2RU amplifiers including headend, forward and return distribution, headend buffer, forward and return isolation. In addition, 1RU redundant amplifiers, switches and power supplies are available.

ATX’s QRFB headend buffer amplifier houses 4 modular amplifiers in a 1RU package, with up to 23 dB of gain in each module. These amplifiers can be used to transparently increase levels when needed in the headend, or they can be used for isolation of inserted channel groups. The high-density modules can handle output levels up to 40 dBmV with minimal distortion. Additional features include input and output pad and EQ sockets. Universal power with no external transformer from 100-240 VAC at 47-63 Hz is standard, while -48 VDC powering is an option.


  • High density solution for headend buffering and isolation when high rack space density is required
  • Four well shielded modular amplifiers in 1RU with bandwidths up to 1 GHz
  • Used anywhere gain with minimum distortion is required to buffer or isolate single channel/group of channels
  • GaAs hybrid technology allows high output with low distortion
  • Low noise figure allows lower input levels
  • Plug-in independent modules with input/output front access pad and EQ sockets
  • -20 dB front access directional coupler test points
  • Each hybrid has a separate heat sink for optimum cooling
  • -48 VDC (40-60 VDC) or universal switching power supply which can be used from 100-240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz
  • +24 VDC terminal block input for remote, redundant powering
  • Ships with 0 dB pad and EQ at all positions