ATX’s SignalOn Series of RF Management products provides a variety of modular solutions to simplify the headend signal management challenge with the highest rack space density achievable using F connectors. The SignalOn Series offers specifications that exceed cable industry requirements for insertion loss, port-to-port isolation and frequency response. ATX offers an array of SignalOn passive and active modules including RF splitters/combiners, DCs, L-Band splitters, diplex filters, conditioning and monitoring modules, amplifiers, power supplies and RF switch modules.


  • Fully integrated, high density, modular-based, F connector-based RF/L-Band signal management platform
  • DOCSIS® 3.1 and CCAP™ compliant
  • 5-1002 MHz modules available in F, internally equalized to be flat across the spectrum
  • 5-1218 MHz modules available in F only
  • Negative tilt offers a very linear response that can be externally equalized, minimizing loss at 1.2 GHz compared to EQ at every module in a cascade
  • Patented make-before-break attenuator pad design for uninterruptible signal balancing
  • Front access to clear pad covers and patented pad guides for simplified maintenance
  • Test point monitoring on many modules (20 dB Default, 12 dB on selected)
  • Multiple chassis configurations
  • Clear chassis door provides protection and clear view of modules
  • Several amplifier offerings
  • RF/power redundancy