UCrypt Mux-Passthrough Q2IP

The ATX UCrypt Mux-Passthrough Q2IP RF R-PHY Video Engine is designed to pass encrypted video from existing edge QAM equipment through IP-based CCAP video cores. The solution features agile tuners and multiple enterprise-grade features, including SNMP- and telemetry-based monitoring support, advanced access controls and API-based configuration. It is the ideal solution for enabling MSOs to address video encryption licensing and interoperability issues that threaten to delay their transition to a distributed access architecture (DAA) model, as well as providing smaller MSOs with an alternative to implementing costly and complex CCAP video cores.


  • Accelerates DAA Deployments – Reduces DAA deployment complexity by alleviating the need to re-configure all video muxes and parameters in the CCAP video core and integrate the CCAP video core into back-office systems
  • Delivers Cost Efficiencies – Modular design enables MSOs to align resources and product capabilities with real-world demand
  • Improves Operational Efficiency – Allows for maximizing the efficiency of the equipment’s capacity according to the video lineup architecture
  • Loosens Proprietary Constraints – Platform’s agnostic nature expands universe of potential equipment suppliers by freeing up MSOs to deploy equipment from any CCAP provider, without fear of encountering encryption/decryption compatibility issues with the installed base of set-top boxes (STBs) and other subscriber equipment
  • Provides Peace of Mind – -Provides MSOs with the confidence that critical services will operate without disruption, even in the case of hardware failure


  • 60 and 78 QAM models available
  • Conversion of entire QAM content to IP
  • Individually agile tuners
  • Optional 1/10Gbps SFP interface
  • Redundant AC or DC power supply option
  • SNMP- and Telemetry-based monitoring support
  • Advanced access controls and security
  • API-based configuration