GigaXtend SGT 1.2GHz Taps

The ATX SGT 1.2GHz Tap product line allows MSOs to fully and efficiently utilize their broadband networks to provide all DOCSIS services up to version 3.1. The devices will work with any upstream/downstream split used today to greatly increase upstream capacity. Downstream capacity may be recovered utilizing OFDM in the full 1218MHz spectrum that these devices support. These capabilities allow MSOs to build an entire HFC ecosystem that would offer higher data rate tiers to subscribers, supporting new and improved services along with maximizing revenue per subscriber.


  • Expanded Frequency Range – Handles DOCSIS 3.1 requirements of 1.218GHz and OFDM signaling up to 1.2GHz
  • Surge Tolerance – Rugged design that allows the taps to continue to operate after surges that would typically damage ordinary products and interrupt service
  • AL360T housing with powder coating for superior environmental protection
  • Sealed and swaged extended F-ports for greater resistance to moisture ingress
  • Nickel plated brass F-ports to help ensure a corrosion-resistant drop interface
  • Available in 2-, and 4-way standard SGT Tap Housings
  • Also available in 2-, 4-, and 8-way full profile housings
  • Component covers for additional protection of faceplate circuitry during maintenance
  • Versatile housing design that permits aerial, pedestal, or MDU mounting schemes