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Universal Chassis Mini Agile Modulator

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  • Compatible with most manufacturers mini-modulator chassis
  • 135-channel range 54-860 MHz (CATV 2-135)
  • >45 dBmV min. adjustable output for optimum carrier-to-noise performance
  • State-of-the-art digital phase-locked-loop (PLL) design guarantees precise frequency locking for solid drift-free operation
  • Microprocessor control enables quick digital pushbutton channel selection for ease of installation, configuration, and improved system uptime
  • SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filtered for superior adjacent channel performance enables drop-in channel expansion
  • In-Band carrier-to-noise ratio >65 dB ensures superior picture quality
  • Single-slot design allows up to 12 or 16 units in ATX’s MPC-12, MPC-12C, MPC-12R and MPC-16PS/CS chassis
  • Automatic selection of aeronautical offsets (12.5 kHz, 25 kHz) for trouble-free configuration
  • Front panel access to controls enables easy set-up
  • Pre-emphasis defeat switch to enable stereo operation (MMA860S)
  • Pushbutton selectable A/V ratio (13 or 15 dB) (MMA860S)

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Output Frequency Range 54 to 860 MHz
RF Output Level (min) 45 dBmV
Tuning Agile
Carrier to Noise (in band) 60
Carrier to Noise (out of band) 66
Spurious Output > 55
Video Frequency Response ± 1.2
Video Signal to Noise 56 dB
Audio Input Type
MMA860S L and R Stereo
Video input connection
MMA860S 75 Ω RCA
Video Input Level at 87.5% Mod 1VPK-PK
Frequency Response ± 1 dB (50H to 10k)
Stereo Seperation 20 dB
Signal to Noise (Stereo) 56 dB
Audio Frequency Response 50 to 15000 Hz
Audio Input Connection 10K Ω RCA-F Unbalanced
RF Output Connection 75 Ω F-Female
Voltage Input +5, +12 VDC
Dimensions 1″ (W) x 3.5″ (H) x 7.5″ (D)
Weight 1 lb.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
MMA860 Universal Chassis Mini Agile Modulator

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