IPQC: GbE IP-Input Mux Scrambler EdgeQAM

The IPQC is a highly integrated 1RU video EdgeQAM that can multiplex and scramble IP video signals and convert them to QAM/DVB-C channels for use in CATV systems, such as the ATX CONDOR. The unit features a flexible design and can be configured in a number of ways to suit specific end applications.

The high-quality QAM output of the EdgeQAM is organized into three independent blocks of four contiguous channels, which can be placed anywhere in the extended CATV range of 50 MHz to 1002 MHz. Each QAM channel can be independently muted.



  • Two Gigabit Ethernet ports and one 10/100 management interface
  • Up to 48 managed programs from either single-program MPEG-TS streams (SPTS) or multiple-program MPEG-TS streams (MPTS)
  • Support for both multicast and unicast IP streams


  • Automatic MPEG-PCR regeneration on managed programs
  • Automatic PID remapping for conflict avoidance on managed programs
  • TSID/program number configuration for PAT/PMT generation
  • Passthru mode allows external MUX/scrambler or large service count for radio stations
  • Bypass for external DVB-SI stream inclusion
  • Simple password-protected Web interface for easy configuration and monitoring
  • Front-panel IP configuration and fault reporting for easy configuration and maintenance
  • Supports DHCP for automatic IP address acquisition
  • Supports DVB-SDT (actual) local generation when there is no external DVB-SI streamer (SPTS only)


  • 12 high-quality QAM channels in Annex A/B (ITU-A, ITU-B)
  • Three independently tunable blocks of four contiguous QAM channels
  • 50 MHz to 1002 MHz frequency range
  • 6 MHz or 8 MHz channel size