Optimizing Channel Insertion for an IP World


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The transition of video to IP is imposing disruptions to MDUs and other shared-living environments that rely on informational or communications channels inserted into television lineups. That’s because most of the equipment currently providing channel insertion capabilities for commercial accounts is incapable of working with an IP-based video delivery infrastructure.

This webcast from ATX, which aired on April 10, 2024, takes on this critical challenge to MSOs’ commercial success, providing an overview of best practices and technology options for transitioning to an IP-based channel insertion approach in a cost-efficient and deployment friendly manner. Media distribution expert and ATX VP of Media Gateways, Linas Underys, profiles multiple business models for delivering channel insertion services, each offering different levels of sophistication and ease-of-use.

Watch the replay to learn:

  • Why local channel insertion is increasing in importance to commercial venues
  • How video service providers can leverage the transition to IP to reduce the cost of providing channel insertion services while simultaneously increasing customer loyalty
  • How emerging technology can fortify video service providers with multiple options for reducing costs and optimizing value

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Linas Underys

Linas Underys

VP, Media Gateways, ATX Networks

Joe McGarvey

Joe McGarvey

Sr. Director, Marketing, ATX Networks