Gated Webinar Replay: The 2050 Project Survey Results & Analysis – 2022 Edition

Webinar Replay:
The 2050 Project Survey Results & Analysis, 2022 Edition

We started The 2050 Project a couple of years ago knowing the HFC network isn’t going anywhere, at least not for the next 20 or even 30 years. We also recognized that the timing and direction of the cable access network’s long-term evolution will be influenced by a variety of variables, including the introduction of new technology, customer demand and competitive factors.

ATX launched The 2050 Project Survey last year to provide a moment-in-time assessment of how the HFC evolution plans of cable operators were being impacted by these and other variables, providing a readout of where the industry stands on topics such as DOCSIS® 4.0 adoption, upstream spectrum allocation and concerns about competitive threats. ATX will reveal results of the 2022 Edition of our HFC evolution survey in this 45-minute webinar featuring live analysis from ATX’s outside plant subject matter experts.

Top Reasons to Watch:

Be among the first to see how cable operators’ attitudes and perceptions about the evolution of their HFC networks have changed over the past year
Absorb expert analysis of what survey results might say about the current state of the HFC evolution and how it could potentially progress over the next few decades
Gain insight into what your peers are contemplating about the lifespan of their HFC networks and how far they plan to take future frequency upgrades
Get access to the final report, which includes all of the findings and related analysis from this year’s survey, before anyone else

The cable industry is at a critical crossroad. Don’t miss this chance to get a glimpse of information that might be vital in helping you navigate the next phase of your long-term HFC evolution.

What’s the 2050 Project?
Explore this portal to sample white papers, blogs, videos and other collateral about ATX’s long-term HFC evolution initiative.

Watch the webinar replay and download The 2050 Project Survey Report

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