GigaXtend Orchestrator

The GigaXtend™ Orchestrator is a highly intuitive software application that provides technicians with the ability to manage and communicate with GigaXtend 1.8GHz amplifiers and nodes. The app can be run from an iOS or Android device linked to the amplifier or node utilizing the ATX Bluetooth adapter. It provides technicians with a simple but sophisticated tool for performing auto or manual alignment, configuring dynamic Automatic Level and Slope Control (ALSC), setting power management settings and troubleshooting, as well as exporting the current configuration for historical reference.

The GigaXtend Orchestrator enables technicians to access the alignment and configuration intelligence built into ATX’s 1.8GHz outside plant equipment through a simple and easy-to-use interface. Technicians are able to configure RF levels manually or automatically using a pre-set configuration file easily downloaded to the application and then applied to the amplifier or node. The GigaXtend Orchestrator application, combined with the embedded spectrum capture technology of the amplifier or node, simplifies the RF alignment while providing technicians with a real-time view of the full spectrum.

The app is designed to streamline installation and tuning procedures through its simple design and by shielding technicians from unnecessary complexity that may introduce unintended, performance-impacting configuration errors.


  • Streamline Installation: Simple but sophisticated navigation helps to streamline the installation procedure and eliminate configuration errors by shielding technicians from unnecessary complexity and performing calculations in the background that don’t require manual input.
  • Avoid Battery Maintenance and Security Risks: The GigaXtend Orchestrator’s Bluetooth adapter is powered by the device being tuned, eliminating the need to recharge the battery, reducing technician downtime. Using the ATX Bluetooth adapter for communications with ATX amplifiers and nodes also reduces security risks associated with USB ports.
  • Easy-to-Administer Auto-Alignment: A simple-to-use JSON configuration file creator allows network administrators to set desired parameters, including current spectrum loading, station tilt, RF output levels, and current and future dynamic ALSC frequencies. Administrators can then securely manage the distribution of parameters to technicians.
  • Track Trends and History: Easily maintain configuration history of amplifiers and nodes and preserve technician’s notes to improve troubleshooting and reliability through built-in Export-to-file function and a User Log.


  • Intuitive interface emulates traditional amplifier alignment techniques to reduce errors
  • Simple administrator creation and distribution of auto-configuration files
  • Auto Configure RF levels and ALSC frequencies
  • Load, view, store and retrieve information associated with amplifier and node properties and configuration, including GPS coordinates that are auto loaded from the smart device during initial configuration
  • Full (5MHz to 1794MHz) spectrum capture displays downstream RF levels and aids in diagnosing upstream issues
  • Set the present and future dynamic ALSC points