Visium Input Blades

Visium™ input blades source content from an external network, including satellite, cable, ATSC, DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T and IP Input
(both multicast and streaming) sources. Visium blades support multiple video standards and automatically search for content, creating a list of TV channels/services within the Visium platform. A single Visium chassis is able to support a mix of content that flows into a shared input resource pool, from where it can be directed to any output network. Input blades decrypt and re-encrypt content into local DRMs. TV channel decryption is done through standard Conditional Access Modules (CAMs), Enhanced Secure ProCAMs or through several fixed-key decryption methods, all depending on the content source and the provider’s preferences. The result is a true any-to-any connectivity proposition that enables commercial sites to integrate all television services into a single solution, rather than requiring separate systems for each input type and service. Built-in channel-insertion capabilities also eliminate the need for external systems to store and play output barker channel information.

Visium input blades are responsible for content security, including decryption and re-encryption of the TV channels. Encrypted channels are never passed outside of secure silicon without being re-encrypted, enabling the highest standards of security within the Pay-TV market. All input blades allow full bandwidth capture, including demultiplexing up to 512 TV channels per blade into individual TV channels. Most Visium input blades, profiled below, can act as masters.


  • Software Upgradable: Add features for futureproof peace of mind
  • Reduce CAPEX: Visium Playout enables uploaded files to playout as TV channels, reducing hardware cost
  • Multiple Blades: Simple support for all broadcast and local TV channel insertion
  • Security: Supports broadcast and DRM video encryption standards
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