Visium MD Multimedia Gateways

ATX’s Visium™ MD Multimedia Gateways are high–density and compact bulk media distribution solutions for the Pay-TV industry. The Visium platform streamlines and simplifies the delivery of video and other media services to hotels, hospitals, sports arenas, enterprises, multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and other non-residential locations, in a secure, cost-efficient and easily managed manner. The Visium MD supports all Pay-TV delivery models, including cable, satellite, IP Multicast and streaming. The modular platform, available in two form factors, features any-to-any support of all broadcast services, making it adaptable to virtually any commercial environment. By delivering the performance, functionality, and broadcaster-approved security features of a traditional multi-rack headend within a compact, power-efficient form factor, Visium MD Multimedia Gateways significantly reduce barriers of entry into enterprise markets and present service providers with an unrivaled solution for expanding the scope and profitability of their commercial services.