Visium Output Blades

The wide assortment of Visium output blades enables commercial video service providers to support a variety of output environments with a single, integrated solution. The Visium MD supports digital-RF, IP multicast and streaming media outputs. One-to-many input to output capabilities enable service providers to output content from a single source through multiple output methods. The result is a true any-to-any connectivity proposition that enables commercial sites to integrate all television services into a single solution, rather than requiring separate systems for each output type and service. The modular nature of the Visium MD supports a pay-as-you-grow model that enables commercial service providers to seamlessly adapt to expanding business and technical requirements. The Visium platform allows the creation of multiple discrete output networks. Each network has a virtual channel lineup and guide data to allow easy setup of client devices in instances in which a single location requires multiple network types.


  • Visium QAM Output: 24, 48 or 96 output carriers of QAM of DVB-C
  • NTSC Output: 24 Channels of NTSC video to support older TVs
  • Visium DVB-T Output : 24 carriers of DVB-T output
  • 24-Channel Streaming: Streaming content to phones, tablets, computers and other connected devices
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