Visium Processor Blades

Visium processing blades process video or data within the Visium Platform. Functionality includes transcoding video from one format to another, providing additional decryption and encryption capability and adding watermarking to TV channels. Processing blades also allow end customers to run their own software on an edge processing blade. All Visium blades are hot swappable, and are auto detected by the Visium Platform on insertion.


  • Software Upgradable: Add features for futureproof peace of mind
  • Watermarking: Visum Watermarking enables content detection on both clear and encrypted channels
  • Edge Computing: Integrates servers in the Visium platform for low-cost, high-density computing
  • Channel Density: Increase channel density with bulk decryption, without extra tuner hardware
Solution Brief

Innovative bulk video distribution solutions built to put the profit back in your commercial services business.

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White Paper

Discover how ATX’s Visium MD16 Multimedia Gateway can put the profit back in your commercial video business.

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Bulk Media Distribution

Futureproof design enables service providers to protect past investments and maintain a competitive edge by seamlessly accommodating technology changes and channel-count increases.

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