Pro:Idiom Key Refresh Device – ReKEY Nano

ATX’s UCrypt ReKEY Nano Pro:Idiom key refresh device is a portable device that will easily update any QAM TV (or set-top box) with a corrupted/lost Pro:Idiom key within 60 seconds – simply, with the push of a button.


  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • Simple operation with pushbuttons and LCD display
  • Visual confirmation on the TV (or set-top box)
  • Repair TVs with a single button press (once the ReKEY nano device is configured for the first TV at a property)
  • Connects directly to the affected TV, so there is no risk of corrupting further TVs
  • Receive visual confirmation via TV within 60 seconds

Solution: Bulk Media Distribution

ATX Networks is helping video service providers break through market barriers and rewrite the rules of engagement in the commercial space. Through the bulk delivery of video and related services to MDUs, healthcare facilities and hospitality venues, such as hotels and sports arenas, Pay TV operators can reach a largely untapped and potentially lucrative commercial market.