ATX’s MAXNET product line provides a high density, fully integrated RF signal management solution. ATX’s high quality MAXNET products consist of a vast array of RF splitters/combiners, DCs, filters, pads/EQs, as well as amplifiers, RF switch products, and power supplies.


  • Fully integrated, high density, modular-based platform to fit any architecture
  • Passives and actives available (up to 18 passive modules or 9 active modules)
  • DOCSIS® 3.1 and CCAP™ compliant
  • Removable front face for pad and EQ adjustment on most ports
  • F connector
  • Test point monitoring
  • Multiple chassis configurations
  • Variety of cable management solutions
  • Multitude of amplifier offerings
  • RF/power redundancy
  • All active modules are hot-swappable