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EAS-12B: 12-Channel Emergency Alert System

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  • Proprietary baseband switching methodology eliminates the signal distortion and loss associated with traditional IF switching
  • High isolation between FETs eliminates channel crosstalk and other intrusions into the downstream path, thereby maintaining excellent picture quality
  • BTSC stereo compatibility provides pass-through for stereo signals
  • Compatible with all modulator types and brands, with or without external IF loops. Compatible with all scrambling modes (Baseband and IF)
  • Back panel EAS enable-disable contact provides convenient local or remote activation
  • Adds FCC-compliant emergency alert capability to any CATV system at baseband, including those without accessible IF loops
  • UL-approved switching power supply provides flexibility for use in international power system environments

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Video Bandwidth DC~200MHz
Flatness 0.1dB
Video Impedance 75Ω
Crosstalk @ 4.2MHz >100dB
Crosstalk @ 10MHz >90dB
Crosstalk @ 100MHz >60dB
Differential Gain 0.1%
Differential Phase 0.1°
Video Bandwidth DC~200MHz
Chroma Lumina Delay FCC Compliant
Isolation @ 4.2MHz >90dB
Isolation @ 10MHz >87dB
Isolation @ 100MHz >60dB
Audio Bandwidth 15~130,000Hz
Audio Impedance 600Ω
Switch Speed <1msec
Switch Voltage 0~5VDC
Voltage Input 115~240VAC
Dimensions 19” (L) x 9” (D) x 3.5” (H)
Weight 17 lbs.
Video Bandwidth DC~200MHz
Video Bandwidth DC~200MHz

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
EAS-12B 12-Channel Emergency Alert System

EAS-12B Data Sheet

This data sheet contains branding from Pico Digital, a recent ATX subsidiary.

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