Reducing the Cost and Complexity of Extending Broadband Services to Rural Communities

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Cover of Redudcing Cost and Complexity White paperThe incentives for extending broadband services to rural communities have never been more compelling. In addition to tens of billions of dollars in public financing being made available over the next few years to broadband-enable unserved or underserved communities, cable operators and other service providers now recognize that remotely located homes and businesses represent new opportunities to expand their service footprints.

But cashing in on these opportunities will require a new generation of optical transport equipment that empowers service providers to extend their networks to greater distances, and to do so more cost-efficiently than was possible in the past. Reducing the Cost and Complexity of Extending Broadband Services to Rural Communities, the latest white paper from ATX, details how ATX’s GigaWave™ Long-Reach Digital Optical Transport Solution can help cable operators overcome historical obstacles to extending profitable broadband services to remote regions.

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Key Findings

  • The extent and scope of publicly funded broadband expansion initiatives
  • Why shrinking the Digital Divide is crucial to economic and educational opportunity
  • The competitive risks associated with not keeping pace with multi-gigabit broadband services
  • How an agile and integrated digital optical transport solution can reduce the cost and complexity of long-reach optical networks