GigaWave: Digital Link Amplifier – HUB (DLA-HUB)

The GigaWave Digital Link Amplifier-HUB (DLA-HUB) is a field-hardened, gain-flattened EDFA platform optimized for digital optical transport in long-distance multi-wavelength applications for cable operators, telecom companies, utilities and other service providers. A critical design feature of ATX’s DLA-HUB is integrated dispersion compensation that delivers extended reach and improved performance compared to external pre- or post-dispersion compensation modules (DCMs). The solution has packaging options for pedestal, street cabinet, underground vault or aerial strand mounting.

The GigaWave DLA-HUB, along with the GigaWave Digital Link Extender (DLX) multiwavelength digital optical transport platform, form the core of ATX’s Long-Reach Digital Optical Transport Solution.

In addition to long-reach transport applications, the ATX DLA-HUB platform supports multiple use cases:

  • Hub eliminations
  • Node segmentation
  • Distribution networks
  • FTTX networks


  • Close the Digital Divide by cost-effectively extending the reach of your network to deliver broadband services to unserved and underserved communities. 
  • Pursue government-funded broadband initiatives through a technology foundation that overcomes historical barriers to serving far-flung service areas. 
  • Support a variety of configuration and deployment options, including add/drop capabilities, to enable cable operators to maximize the utility of their optical networks in low-density service areas. 
  • Reduce operational cost and complexity through superior dispersion compensation technology that enables cable operators to extend their optical networks using fewer amplifiers. 
  • Expand your broadband footprint and help to offset declines in video services by reaching new communities with innovative and profitable services.


  • EDFA modules optimized for digital optical transport (any SFP) to support HFC DAA or PON
  • Low noise figure
  • Multiple gain options with an optimal output power
  • Integrated 40km dispersion compensation, offering optimal link budget
  • Excellent gain flatness for multi-wavelength digital applications over the entire power range
  • Field-hardened, strand, pedestal or wall mounting
  • Redundant powering
  • Controller card for status monitoring (SNMP, HTML GUI, TACACs security)

Solution: Long-Reach Digital Optical Transport

ATX provides a flexible and futureproof digital optical solution that cost-effectively helps to close the Digital Divide by overcoming distance-related challenges to delivering innovative and profitable services to remote communities.


The broadband industry exited arguably its craziest year with what sure feels like some very promising momentum toward closing the digital divide.

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