XDS Content Management System

At the heart of ATX’s audio distribution solution is a software-based content management system that increases performance and productivity through automation and the elimination of overlapping features and functions. Web-based centralized control enables network operators to precisely and automatically distribute and schedule live or stored content to receivers located at stations or affiliates. A centralized model also streamlines the sales organization, empowering account managers to sell spots in multiple markets or even regions, but still offering their clients the ability to customize their ads, station IDs, Interstitials and programming to specific markets.


Increases Reliability
Centralization of the distribution and monetization processes results in improved reliability by replacing many error-prone manual procedures with software-based procedure that are highly automated and easily verified.
Reduces Complexity
The ability to manage and control all broadcast processes through software – and from any location – significantly reduces operational overhead by eliminating overlapping operations through centralization.
Facilitates Satellite-to-Internet Transition
By simultaneously and transparently supporting both satellite- and Internet-based transmission technologies, a centralized content management system enables network operators to support both mediums, as well as a seamless transition from satellite to IP services.
Supports Centralized Studio Model
Centralized content management empowers operators to efficiently manage network and local content from a single location, allowing them to consolidate operations into one location without disrupting the network owner’s ability to deliver localized content, including long/short programs, ads, station IDs, live reads, alerts and news to each market.
Supports Store & Forward Distribution
By simultaneously overseeing and managing all of the components in the XDS system, a software-based content management system enables headend equipment and receivers to automatically exchange information and content, such as spots and playlists.
Advanced Scheduling
The XDS Content Management System significantly simplifies the scheduling of network or local programs for a specific site, easily manages time-shifted events and automates the process of scheduling live or recorded program objects over live and recorded programs.

Network & Content Management

Receiver and Network Configuration Management

  • Through the satellite or the internet
  • Receiver health tracking and monitoring

Advanced Scheduler

  • Schedule network or localized programs for a specific site
  • Schedule time-shifted events
  • Schedule live or recorded program objects over live and recorded programs

Store and Forward and File Delivery

  • Through the satellite or the Internet
  • Content can be delivered to local storage or a network share
  • Delivery tracking and confirmation

Copy Split for Regional Commercial Insertion

  • Insert regionalized content on each position of every commercial break
  • Insert different regionalized content on time-shifted programs
  • Insertion tracking and confirmation

Software Components


XDS Features

  • Web-based central control
  • Distribute live or stored content
  • Schedule each receiver for regionalized content with regionalized commercials
  • Provide as played spot insertion logs

Web Interface

  • Five different web interfaces
    • Administrators portal
    • Affiliates portal
    • Web services (traffic, automation, monitoring, reconciliation, digital rights management)
    • Streaming service
    • Receivers portal
  • Can be placed in DMZ or cloud environment


  • Heart of the system is a MS-SQL database
  • Content folders for distribution


  • Windows services
  • Create and manage in-band control channel
  • Distribute content
  • Maintain, monitor and keep the system redundant

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