Revolutionizing Audio Distribution, Management and Monitoring

Despite its large audiences, radio, like nearly every other segment of the entertainment industry, is struggling to remain profitable in the face of increasing consumer demands and escalating content costs. Accordingly, more and more radio networks are turning to next-generation distribution, management and monitoring solutions to increase the performance of their audio distribution processes while eliminating costs. Download this document to understand the characteristics and capabilities of a next-generation, software-defined audio distribution and management solution that’s helping to redefine the future of radio.

You will learn:

About the technology and capabilities required to build the ultimate audio distribution and content management solution
Why deficiencies in traditional audio distribution equipment are preventing network operators from adopting new business models and seizing on the capabilities of emerging technologies
How the widening technology gap between traditional radio distribution solutions and today’s requirements of network operators has created the need for a next-generation solution capable of addressing the shortcomings of existing technology
How several of the key business and technology trends, such as the future role of the Internet in audio distribution, are impacting the radio industry’s growth trajectory
Why centralized and automated content management are so essential to helping network operators reduce costs and optimize the monetization potential of their businesses

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