XDS Headend System

ATX offers a modular family of headend audio distribution hardware and software components designed to enable network operators to deliver both live and pre-recorded programming and spots to affiliates over both satellite and IP (Internet) distribution links. A selection of chassis, configured with encoder and multiplexing modules, provides network operators with the ability to right-fit the solution to their specific requirements, as well as expands services using a pay-as-you-grow model. The platform supports a variety of applications, including store & forward capabilities to reduce transmission costs, copy split and localized ad insertion, as well as time-shifted playback.



  • Live Broadcasting News! Talk and Sports
  • Store & Forward Save satellite transmission costs
  • Copy Split/Spot Insertion Localize advertising
  • Time Shift Payback
  • Broadcast Radio
  • Multiple Dwelling Units
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels
  • Drop-in Radio Spectrum

Encoder Features

  • Four balanced inputs
  • MPEG1 layer II format (MP2)
  • XDS-MUX backplane output
  • Transcoding synchronous inputs
  • AAC format (optional)
  • Two ancillary data inputs/port
  • Four synchronous MPEG inputs
  • MPEG1 layer III format (MP3) (optional)
  • Multi-rate encoding
  • WMA format (optional)

DVB-MUX Features

  • One ASI input
  • Two ASI outputs
  • LVDS output
  • 10/100BT Ethernet port
  • Alarm port and M&C via RS232
  • Store & Forward
  • DHCP, NFS, HTTP, Telnet

Revolutionizing Audio Distribution, Management and Monitoring

Control content distribution and monetization for radio networks with a unified and integrated solution that can be managed from anywhere in the world.


The XDS-Headend DVB system is designed to enable networks to provide enhanced capability without a large investment in hardware. The XDS-Headend has standard interfaces to support integration with third-party equipment such as encoders and satellite modulators.


The XDS-Headend supports live channels for broadcast media. Live streams can be added in two ways. The XDS Encoder module can be inserted into the same VME chassis as the XDS-MUX module, allowing direct multiplexing via VME backplane. A second option is to use a third-party audio encoder with an ASI interface.


This feature allows regionalized and localized ad campaigns. Specific advertising spots can be sent to regions or specific receivers. Audio files stored in the receiver can be inserted into live or recorded programs.


The XDS-PRO receiver is capable of recording and playing back any broadcast channel. This enables the network/station to time shift content to the proper air-time. Content can be recorded to local or networked storage.


The XDS-Headend seamlessly interfaces to the XDS-Courier store and forward sub-system. Media files can be transmitted to clients via satellite or internet links.


The XDS-MUX module can be programmed to output virtual channels as a “live assist” device. The playlist includes media and channel format specifications. This permits the network operation to automatically schedule content to air at a specific time or on a specific event.


Each XDS-PRO receiver is uniquely addressable via physical ID, Logical ID and Group ID, which allows for maximum flexibility in configuring a network.

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