miniCMTS200a Broadband Gateway

The miniCMTS200a is a cable modem termination system designed to meet the broadband access requirements of small cable operators. Optimized to support up to 400 cable modems, depending on the usage model and cable modem type (maximum of 250 DOCSIS 3.0 plus 150 DOCSIS 2.0, or 400 DOCSIS 2.0), the low-cost miniCMTS delivers exceptional value. The miniCMTS offers 16 downstream bonded channels for up to 800 Mbps downstream /120 Mbps upstream data delivery. It is ideal for a residential setting with 200 or fewer modems, providing a 4-Mbps uncontended internet connection per subscriber. A single miniCMTS is also capable of supporting up to 400 modems in a hospitality setting.