Visium Manager

ATX’s Visium™ Manager is an all-purpose element management system that empowers Pay-TV providers with the ability to manage the gateways, encoders and end devices that deliver their commercial services with unprecedented flexibility and efficiency from a single management console. Visium Manager brings new agility and customization to monitoring your network, facilitating and simplifying bulk configuration and other management tasks — all in the service of enabling cable and satellite companies to reduce operational costs and maximize technical resources. A single management platform for a wide range of ATX products, Visium Manager delivers remote configuration and installation capabilities that eliminate the need to deploy highly trained technicians to remote locations. Visium Manager puts powerful control and monitoring capabilities at your fingertips, streamlining the management of your ATX-powered commercial video services.


  • Maximizes resources and reduces downtime by performing bulk configurations and upgrades on thousands of devices simultaneously from a single location.
  • Simplified remote device install process eliminates need for expensive on-site technical resources through sophisticated configuration tools that essentially reduce the installation process to a simple plug-in procedure.
  • Customizable and flexible proactive monitoring capabilities enable operators to map device management to knowledge levels within the organization, reducing the requirement to train all technicians at the highest levels.
  • Adaptable to any data environment, Visium Manager can be deployed within an operator’s private cloud-native datacenter or via ATX’s turnkey hosted offering, depending on the operator’s preferred operational and business model.


  • Operational deployment at scale
  • Dashboard view with advanced individual and global status and health metrics for all devices
  • Secure field-device connectivity over TLS+
  • Bulk creation and push of configurations and firmware upgrades
  • Monitoring and alerts for proactive resolution of issues
  • Flexible grouping and subcategorizing of devices
  • Multiple user account support
  • ATX hosted or self-hosted deployment options