UCrypt QAM to Analog

ATX’s UCrypt QAM to analog (Q2A) media distribution gateway is designed to convert content into analog format to service bulk MDU, hospitality or commercial accounts where legacy TVs are deployed. An easy-to-use, Web-based UI for remote configuration, management and the ability to monitor thousands of deployed units simultaneously via the UCrypt Monitoring Server improves operational efficiency. The solution is able to decrypt up to 72 programs, and includes a configurable EPG (Electronic Program Guide) channel. It is ideal for MSOs and other service providers with a requirement to decrypt select programs from their digital tier and retransmit them in NTSC or PAL analog format.


  • Operational Efficiency – Multifunction capabilities enables MSOs to reduce costs and operational overhead by streamlining operations for  decrypting and transitioning an encrypted digital cable feed to and analog RF video signal suitable for hospitality, MDU and other commercial account applications
  • Reduced Trouble Calls – A proven track record of long-term operation in mission-critical and high-visibility environments with multiple layers of integrated redundancy and robustness gives service providers assurances of operational stability that only a field-hardened system can deliver
  • Ease of Use – Enterprise-grade features, such as remote configuration and monitoring capability, including the ability to pro-actively monitor all deployed devices via a central UCrypt Monitoring Server instance, makes it easier for MSOs and other service providers to keep tabs on the health of their networks
  • Rack-Space Savings– Industry-leading support for handling up to 60 MPEG-2/H.264, HD/SD, programs in a single unit enables service providers to conserve precious rack space, reduce power consumption and realize other benefits of deploying high-density solutions
  • Cost Efficiency – Various capacity SKUs and expandable architecture enables service providers to match solution cost as well as add future capacity in lockstep with market demand


  • Decrypt up to 72 programs
  • Contains up to 72 individual QAM tuners
  • Supports up to 72 individually agile analog channels
  • Analog formats: NTSC, PAL D/K, PAL B/G or PAL M/N
  • Supports HD/SD, MPEG-2 or H.264 program streams
  • Supports MTPS or SPTS inputs
  • Includes configurable EPG (Electronic Program Guide) channel
  • Supports MediaCipher®, PowerKEY® or NDS® CableCARD™ based decryption
  • Support for SCTE-18 EAS override functionality
  • Supports SNMP-based alerts and alarms
  • Easy-to-use, web-based UI for remote configuration, management and monitoring
  • Proactively mass-monitorable via ATXs UCrypt Monitoring Server

Solution: Bulk Media Distribution

ATX Networks is helping video service providers break through market barriers and rewrite the rules of engagement in the commercial space. Through the bulk delivery of video and related services to MDUs, healthcare facilities and hospitality venues, such as hotels and sports arenas, Pay TV operators can reach a largely untapped and potentially lucrative commercial market.