Pads / EQs / Connectors / Accessories

To ensure each piece of the broadband network meets a standard of high performance, ATX has developed many accessories for the MAXNET RF management platform that are sometimes overlooked. Items include blank panels, installation tools, BNC compression connectors, pads and EQs, patch panels, and quality F and BNC terminators.

ATX also provides pads/EQs for the many other competitive lines, fuses and breakers, as well as amplifier replacement parts such as diodes, transistors, hybrids, capacitors, resistors, “pots”, rectifiers, inductors, and hardware.


  • MAXNET F connectors with an arc center seizing pin design to increase the contact to the male center conductor
  • MAXNET 75 ohm BNC connectors for a solid mechanical connection and excellent RF specifications
  • MAXNET terminators are RFI-tight (> 100 dB), 75 ohm – ideal for CATV environments