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RF Management

Passive Modules

Passive modules include multiple configurations of MAXNET splitters/combiners, broadcast/narrowcast combiners, DCs, filters, and a signal conditioning (pad/EQ) module. All splitting, combining, and DC modules are equipped with plug-in pads and EQs (where applicable).

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  • Fully integrated, high density, modular-based platform to fit any architecture
  • DOCSIS® 3.1 and CCAP™ compliant
  • Removable front face for pad and EQ adjustment on most ports
  • F and BNC connector options
  • High performance specification from 5-1002 MHz
  • In addition to various splitters and combiners, there are also directional couplers and custom narrowcast service group management options
  • High density broadcast narrowcast combiner modules with 12 dB test points to be used at the input to each downstream optical transmitter

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