Visium MD Mini Multimedia Gateway

The ATX Visium MD Mini is the centerpiece of a managed video solution that reimagines the way content is distributed and displayed in multi-television commercial environments, including bars, restaurants, fitness centers and doctors’ offices.


  • Optimized for CDN stream ingest
  • Support for User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) stream ingest
  • Supports QAM or IP output
  • Fully secure platform with LG PRO:IDIOM® encryption format support
  • Simple and fast installation centrally configured, managed and monitored via Visium Manager element management system
  • Compact 1RU form factor
  • Low power consumption

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Bulk Media Distribution for Small & Medium Businesses

The Visium MD Mini is the centerpiece of ATX’s Visium MVP, an end-to-end managed video solution optimized for restaurants, gyms and other small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The Visium MD Mini combines with the Visium MVP command-and-control app and the Visium SBB to provide MSOs and systems integrators with a powerful-but-affordable solution that simplifies the distribution and control of content in multi-television environments. The easy-to-use and install system offers multiple performance and cost-efficiency benefits over alternative approaches, including a significantly simplified end-user experience, support for bandwidth-conserving IP streaming ingest and the ability to manage all televisions from a single device.

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Visium MVP application screen

Innovate End-User Experience

A centralized and easy-to-use command and control app enables staff to manage content across dozens of televisions from a single connected device, such as a tablet.

sports bar customers watching multiple TVs with the same content on them

Eliminate Synchronization Issues

Unlike solutions that deliver content directly to set-top boxes, Visium MVP ensures all televisions streaming the same content, such as a sporting event, are always in sync.

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Conserve Downstream Bandwidth

The Visium MVP solution enables MSOs to deliver only the channels currently being displayed on TVs, significantly improving the utilization of downstream bandwidth.