Visium Set-Back Box

ATX’s Visium™ Set-Back Box (SBB) is a low-cost security adapter designed to enable commercial video service providers to bring hospitality and other commercial customers into compliance with security requirements through the delivery of encrypted bulk video to properties lacking Pro:Idiom™-capable TVs. ATXs Visium SBB is an ideal solution for commercial accounts currently being served with clear QAM video. The SBB solution allows MPEG4-based service delivery to properties with MPEG2-only capable TVs. The SBB features an Integrated Program Guide (IPG) designed to improve hotel guests’ experiences by significantly simplifying the navigation of lengthy channel line-ups. Self-configuration and centralized management and monitoring capabilities through ATXs Visium Manager, a cloud-based element management system, simplify deployment and reduce operational complexity.


  • Security Compliance – Brings commercial properties being served with clear QAM video into compliance with content protection obligations by enabling non-commercial TVs to receive Pro:Idiom encryption.
  • Enhanced User Experience – Enables hospitality venues to enhance guest-viewing experiences by providing Interactive Program Guide functionality for customers with bulk video service delivered centrally or through a gateway.
  • Cost Efficiencies – Priced to enable service providers to deliver a secure and enhanced viewing experience at a price point that enables meaningful return on investment.
  • Legacy TV Adaptation – Enables commercial video service providers to deliver MPEG4-based service delivery to properties with MPEG2-only TVs.
  • Deployment Simplicity – Orchestrates basic bulk management without integration into MSO residential backend and conditional access control systems, vastly simplifying deployments into hospitality and commercial environments.
  • Network Simplification – The Visium SBB’s support for IGMP v3 alleviates the need for dense-mode multicast switches throughout premises, enabling service providers to reduce network complexity and costs.


  • Small form-factor housing
  • Professionally designed HTML5 UI
  • F-port for QAM video ingest
  • RJ45 for IP video ingest
  • HDMI 2.0 output w/ HDCP encryption
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi module for low bandwidth EPG update management and monitoring communication
  • IR extender accommodates discrete box placement
  • Remote control