Visium MD16 Multimedia Gateway

The Visium™ MD16 5RU chassis supports up to 16 Visium blades. It is designed to deliver Pay-TV content to non-residential locations, including hotels, hospitals, sports arenas, businesses and multi-dwelling units (MDUs). The platform supports satellite, cable and IPTV operators. A version of the MD16 optimized for satellite operators has a built-in wideband satellite switch that reduces cost and installation complexity. A combination of Visium blades optimizes the MD16 to source, process and broadcast over 300 HD channels in multiple formats, all while keeping the content secure, legal and manageable. Deployed in thousands of locations, the Visium MD Multimedia Gateway is a proven and reliable platform with advanced features that significantly reduce the complexity of video distribution. Video from satellite, cable, multicast IP or streaming sources can be output into traditional broadcast networks, such as QAM, DVB-T and analog TV. It also supports multicast IP outputs and streaming HLS/Dash to mobile devices. Transcoding, watermarking, re-encryption and remote management also contribute to the Visium platform’s ability to reliably deliver secure and high-value content to private networks.

*Satellite receiver blade not available for U.S. market

Product Overview

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  • Expand revenue opportunities by adapting a single, highly flexible media distribution platform to a variety of commercial business venues, including hospitality, airports, sports arenas, camp sites and MDUs.
  • Simplify installation and maintenance through a fully integrated and redundant system that eliminates the need for expensive and highly trained on-site technical support.
  • Protect HD content all the way to the end user through support of all major DRM- or CAS-based encryption schemes – PRO:IDIOM®, Samsung LYNK®, Verimatrix VCAS, and Philips VSecure.
  • Increase uptime and avoid service interruptions with full redundancy of critical components and hot-swappable blades that enable quick switchover in case of a failure.
  • Deliver a superior end-customer experience by providing programming and functionality that rival the performance and quality of top-tier residential services.


  • Compact 5RU form factor
  • End-to-end content protection from uplink to the TV
  • 16 slots for Visium blades
    • Cable, Satellite (12 only), Terrestrial (ATSC, DVB-T/T2 or ISDB-T inputs
    • Transcoding and watermarking
    • Modulator outputs QAM, DVB-T and Analog
  • Supports multiple encryption formats, including LG PRO:IDIOM®, Samsung LYNK®, Philips VSecure™and Verimatrix VCAS™
  • Fully secure platform
  • Front-facing connectors and top-accessible fans
  • Satellite version has built-in 192-channel stacking switch with wideband input.
  • Remote management via a built-in, intuitive web interface
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Hot-swappable Visium blades with a wandering-master architecture
  • Internal multi-Gb Ethernet switching fabric
  • Low power consumption

Solution: Bulk Media Distribution

ATX Networks is helping video service providers break through market barriers and rewrite the rules of engagement in the commercial space. Through the bulk delivery of video and related services to MDUs, healthcare facilities and hospitality venues, such as hotels and sports arenas, Pay TV operators can reach a largely untapped and potentially lucrative commercial market.

Solution Brief

Innovative bulk video distribution solutions built to put the profit back in your commercial services business.

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Discover how ATX’s Visium MD16 Multimedia Gateway can put the profit back in your commercial video business.

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Bulk Media Distribution

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