XDS System

The XDS Platform is the best choice if you:

  • Need distribution of live and prerecorded content
  • Need automated management and scheduling of live and prerecorded content
  • Need ability to insert localized content
  • Need to be able to monitor and verify playout for affiliate affidavits


Radio Broadcast Centralized Studio

Broadcasting Live Over Satellite or Internet

XDS Headend Components

Xpress System

  • Four stereo inputs
  • MPEG1 layer II
  • AAC-LC, AAC-HEv1, AAC-HEv2 optional
  • Multiple rate encoding per source
  • RDS data via RS-232
  • Relay Closure commands via UDP and RS-232
  • Four synchronous MPEG inputs
  • DSP based encoding
  • Solid state, Made in USA

DVB-Multiplexer Features

  • Generates DVB/MPEG transport
  • One ASI input
  • Two ASI outputs
  • Can generate TDT and PCRs 10/100BaseT Ethernet port
  • Alarm port and M&C via RS-232
  • Can filter PIDs for multiple carriers
  • Can generate streams from store playlists and content
  • DHCP, NFS, HTTP, Telnet

Scalable VME Chassis

  • Redundant power supplies
  • Can handle from 4 up to 80 channels in one chassis
  • Can be daisy chained for more channels

XDS Headend

XDS Network & Content Management

Receiver & Network Configuration Management

  • Through the satellite or the internet
  • Receiver health tracking and monitoring

Advanced Scheduler

  • Schedule network or localized programs for a specific site
  • Schedule time-shifting events
  • Schedule live or recorded program objects over live and recorded programs

Store & Forward & File Delivery

  • Through the satellite or the internet
  • Content can be delivered to local storage or a network share
  • Delivery tracking and confirmation

Copy Split for Regional Commercial Insertion

  • Insert regionalized content on each position of every commercial break
  • Insert different regionalized content on time-shifted programs
  • Insertion tracking and confirmation

XDS Software Components

XDS Features

  • Web-based central control
  • Distribute live or stored content
  • Schedule each receiver for regionalized content with regionalized commercials
  • Provide as played spot insertion logs

Web Interface

  • Five different web interfaces:
    1. Administrators portal
    2. Affiliates portal
    3. Web services (traffic, automation, monitoring, reconciliation, digital rights management)
    4. Streaming service
    5. Receivers portal
  • Can be placed in DMZ or cloud environment


  • Heart of the system is a MS-SQL database
  • Content folders for distribution


  • Windows services
  • Create and manage in-band control channel
  • Distribute content
  • Maintain, monitor and keep the system redundant